The PhD Programme in Applied Econometrics and Economic Modelling aims at developing the research and teaching potential of PhD students. The training process adheres to the traditions and the latest achievements in the area of statistical science, econometrics, and economic modelling. The programme prepares highly qualified researchers having solid theoretical and practical background to fit both analyst and managerial positions. The preparation combines the modern developments in the mentioned areas with ICT and AI applications, and with the EU best practices concerning decision making in academia, businesses, the financial sector, government, public administration, and the non-governmental sector.

The study plan has a markedly interdisciplinary nature: on the one hand, it includes economics courses, and on the other it features courses related to mathematical modelling, statistics, and econometrics (incl. the usage of modern software applications and programming languages) which are withing the scope of the so-called STEM specializations.

Training can be carried out either in Bulgarian or in English.

The programme has a duration of up to 3 years for full-time studies, up to 4 years for part-time studies, and up to 3 years for self-study candidates. Training is provided by the Statistics and Econometrics Department.

A detailed curriculum can be found here (in Bulgarian).

The current admission exam conspectus can be downloaded from here.

Details on the current enrollment campaign can be found here (in Bulgarian).