Vicennial Traditions in Academia & Teaching

Vicennial Traditions in Academia & Teaching

Sofia University's Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has been the home of Bulgaria's leading academic and research centre in quantitative studies for over 20 years straight. Learn more about the Faculty, the Department and the Programme's professors.

Marketable & Impactful Skills

Marketable & Impactful Skills

The first Master's Programme in Bulgaria to provide a solid foundation for the profession of quantitative economic analysts. Gain both theoretical and empirical knowledge, and apply it to real-life problems and data with our Degree. Get a comprehensive list of the courses, programming and models taught.

The Stepping Stones to a Successful Career

The Stepping Stones to a Successful Career

Whether you are interested in becoming a quantitative analyst in one of the leading financial institutions or consultancy firms, or you wish to get involved with research and pursue a career in academia, AEEM is the best place. Read about our growing network with top companies in the sector and get to know some of our successful alumni.

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Apply Today

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Applied Econometrics and Economic Modelling


The highly-demanding profession of economists, decision scientists and quantitative analysts requires solid theoretical foundations as well as vast practical experience. The Master's Programme in Applied Econometrics and Economic Modelling (AEEM) is there to bridge the gap between you and a successful career in these fields.

At AEEM, you will build the skills and competencies for solving real-world problems in multiple government and business areas. Our courses are delivered by specialists with extensive experience in academia, policy-making, and the analytics business. The Pogramme aims to contribute towards skill transferability, too: we complement the modelling knowledge with the enhancement of critical thinking, project management, and cross-disciplinary communication ability among other.

Learning from the best

The professors in the AEEM Programme are the country's leading researchers and professionals in their fields.

+ Exposure to Business

Get to know how companies work and get hands-on experience with practical models for real-life problems.

+ Collaborative environment

Study with like-minded highly motivated individuals to enhance your learning and networking processes

= Your dream future

Whether you are interested in a career in government, consultancy, or academia, AEEM will give you the necessary foundations

Effective and Friendly Networking
  • We provide a friendly study environment and we allow for the most rewarding learning process.
  • The AEEM class is deliberately kept to a small size of 10-20 students per academic year: we ensure that you get the best access to resources possible
  • With us you will enjoy academic, intellectual, and personal communication with both academics, and representatives of our business partners
  • Along with the lectures and seminars, you will gain exclusive access to special academic and social events
  • Our previous cohorts include bright, highly motivated and hard-working students

Join our Programme to become part of AEEM's growing network of current students, lecturers, business representatives, and alumni.

The AEEM Master's Programme is taught entirely in English, and the courses are all based on standard leading textbooks and literature. The Programme contains six academic modules of logically sequenced courses. This provides for the gradual advancement of skills and knowledge needed for the complete understanding of econometric and economic modules.

The programme starts with an extensive course on the mathematical and statistical foundations. That allows for the smooth transition to the theory and toolkits studied in the specialized core courses. The latter are devoted to static/dynamic econometric theory and methods, statistical learning, and microeconomic and macroeconomic modelling, among other.

In addition, courses based on using computational software environments such as R, Python, VBA, SQL, EViews, and SAS, provide a wide exposure to practical applications.

* Depending on the applicants' background, the Programme can be structured in either three or four full-time semesters. For more information on the admissions, click here.

Extra-curricular Activities at AEEM

In addition to their usual access to academic courses, our students also have the opportunity to:

* Enrol in occasional specialized Master Classes delivered by international experts

* Get involved in analytics projects conducted by AEEM's Partners

* Join international and domestically-held data challenges

* Attend seminars and summer schools in Applied Econometrics and Economic Modelling

* Participate in academic and professional conferences

* Benefit from our career events with global, European, and local leaders in the analytics market


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