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Access to Courses

by Kaloyan Ganev -

Access to AEEM courses is provided to students who are formally enrolled in the Master's Programme. To log in to the site, go to the Log In link and use either the Google or the Facebook option. Logging in for the first time creates an account for you. You have to confirm and activate your account through a message that you will receive in your email (correspondingly Gmail or the one that you registered for your Facebook account). A successful login to AEEM's moodle would mean you already have an active account.

In order to get access to a specific course, you have to be enrolled by the course lecturer manually.

If you do not have access to a course (and you think you should have such), please write to System Administrator when you log in to your profile. Note that only currently active courses offer enrollment.

Software Installation Guide

by Kaloyan Ganev -

A quick guide for 2022-2023 students on how to install on your personal computer the software used in the Master's Programme can be found in the attached pdf file.