Ignatov on Ignatov's Theorem

 December 21, 2016


Prof. Tzvetan Ignatov, member of the Statistics and Econometrics Department of the FEBA and lecturer in AEEM, delivered a public lecture on his theorem on Tuesday, December 20, 2016 in Room 420. More information on Ignatov's Theorem can be found here.


Official Launch of the Master's Programme

 October 1, 2016

October 3, 2016, 18:00

Venue: FEBA, Room 420

Classes start immediately after official session

FEBA presents a new Master’s in Applied Econometrics and Economic Modelling in collaboration with Experian

 August 30, 2016


On the Sofia University’s Master’s Programmes Open Day the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration will present its new Master’s Programme in Applied Econometrics and Economic Modelling. The main partner in implementing the Programme is the global leader in the area of analytics solutions Experian.

The Master’s Programme focuses on the modern applications in the area of economic data and processes analysis. The courses are taught by specialists having extensive experience in both academia and practice. The educational process combines theoretical preparation with building skills to solve real-life problems. The practical applications use real data are carried out in software environments such as R, Python, VBA, SQL, EViews, SAS, SPSS/PSPP, etc. The Programme meets to the highest possible extent the requirements of the analyst positions in the leading consultancy, financial, and public-sector institutions domestically and abroad. All courses are taught in English.

On September 1, a stand exhibiting information materials will be available in the lobby of Sofia University’s main building. At 17:00 o’clock representatives of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and of Experian will make a short presentation of the Programme in the University’s Aula.

Detailed information concerning the procedure of applying to study in the Programme can be found on the Programme’s webpage.