Hristiana Vidinova



AEEM Courses Taught

  • Advanced Estimation Techniques (joint lecturer)

Short Bio

Hristiana Vidinova has 10 years of working experience in the field of macroeconomics.

Hristiana joined Experian in the beginning of 2014 and since then has been supporting the Experian Economics team on various analytical and macro modelling tasks. She has elaborated economic forecasting models for a number of markets and developed solutions for economic impact assessment for the UK public sector. She has been involved in economics research projects, especially in the field of stress testing and introducing macroeconomic factors in time series credit risk models. Her main interests lie in the field of applied macroeconomics and applied econometrics.

Her prior experience includes working as an economist at the Macroeconomic Forecasting Department at the Agency of Economic Analysis and Forecasting and later at Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria). She has also worked as a teaching assistant in Statistics at FEBA.

Hristiana holds MPhil Economics degree from Oxford University.

Curricululum Vitae