Krassimira Shvertner, PhD



AEEM Courses Taught

  • Spreadsheet Automation with Visual Basic for Applications
  • SQL for Database Management

Short Bio

Krassimira Schwertner is the Professor of Computer science in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at The Sofia University in Bulgaria (SU). Prior to joining SU she was Professor of Informatics in the Sofia University Faculty of mathematics and Informatics, the leading distance-teaching and online business information systems. She is also Master of Computer System Management at the Open University (Telecommunication) and she worked for more than 17 years in Bulgarian Telecommunication Company, including Project Manager, Software Engineer, Science Researcher at the Innovation, Knowledge and Research Centre. In addition, she was involved in teaching information technologies and systems, business information systems, databases in business, modern database design, cloud computing and other courses at all levels (undergraduate, professional, masters and post-graduate), using a variety of multi-media methods including online e-learning materials. Professor Schwertner has written and overseeing the production of some 3 student workbooks. She has also been very research-active having attracted substantial external research funding from government sources, the private sector and the EU which has resulted in a substantial published research output (author of more than 30 journal articles plus more than 20 conference presentations and other similar outputs). She has also been the project leader of European and national research and innovation projects, examining the links between business and information and communications technologies (ICT). In parallel with her academic career, she was experience as Oracle Database Administrator in Bulgarian Telecommunication Operator and Software Developer in Information Technology Firm for Financial Software. Professor Schwertner has written more than 65 publications and 2 books.

Curriculum Vitae